Mini Football Pitch

Mini Football Pitch

Enileri Description

High quality synthetic yarn for artificial grass is imported form Europe. High techlology tufting machines are used for carpets manufacturing. Artificial Football Turf Types: We are producing 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm pile height astroturf. Generally 55mm artificial grass prefered to make a football filed. Monofilament and fibrilated yarns used for artificial grass types. Also two colour artificial turfs are available.

5 a Side Football Pitch Dimensions: Mini artificial football pitch cost change by the filed dimensions. Most common mini football filed dimensions are changes between 20m x 40m and 30m x 50m.

Admitted dimensions for amateur football is 30m x 50m for best football games. 5×5 ( 5 a side soccer pitch ), 6×6 ( 6 a side soccer pitch ) and 7×7 ( 7 a side soccer pitch ) football teams can easly play games in a 30m x 50m mini football filed.

Also another important thing is artificial grass in a synthetic pitch.

Indoor Soccer Field Construction

Enileri Sports has the capability of manufacturing steel pre-fabricated parts and components of an indoor soccer field construction (indoor football pitches) and indoor artificial grass at our manufactory in Turkey. Construction of indoor soccer fields and indoor astroturf installation completed in 80 different countries. our architects and construction engineers make the calculations of the steel structure of the closed field according to the wind, snow and raining conditions of the construction area and ensure the necessary qualifications and prepare the manufacturing projects accordingly. Once the projects finished and everything about the static calculations are clear, the manufacturing of the steel components starts at our steelworks factory by our highly experienced and skilled technicians.

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